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Jacobus Business Services Training

Training and Resources

Would you like to see your staff build on their existing knowledge?

Would you like to build your business through staff that are empowered in their current roles, enabling increased capacity?

Are your staff hungry to learn new skills that will enhance their efficiency and performance?

Are you sometimes stuck for relief staff or leave support?

Do you have specific projects from time to time where you could benefit from temporary staffing?

Would you like to see your staff supported by specialists who can mentor them to optimise processes?

At Jacobus Business Services, we understand both the benefits and challenges of businesses in the small to medium size scale, and we specialise in supporting businesses such as yours. We recognise that even the most fantastic and skilled team of employees can benefit from support in both training and resources.

We have a team of specialists who can provide the training and resources you require in the areas of Information Technology and Communications, Office Administration and Bookkeeping and Accounting Software.

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Workshops are a friendly and hands-on learning environment, where skills are demonstrated and practiced.

Advice and Information


We offer specialist consulting and advice for specific or complex questions and concerns.


The group atmosphere of a seminar is a forum for speakers to provide current and topical information about various areas of interest.


Our specialist coaching for employees involves us working alongside your employee and mentoring them in their current role to increase their skills and confidence.


We can support you with temporary, casual or regular resources. Our resources include Bookkeeping and Administration, Information Technology and Communications and Attaché Consultants.